An interesting fact about machines

Earlier, telling about the history of the development of the sphere of gambling in general and slot machines in particular, we have already talked about the so-called “fruit machines” or “fruit-machines”, which were once popular in many bars, entertainment venues and crowded places in USA.

However, few people know what is the reason for such popularity, that fruits are still the most common symbols on most reels of modern slots machines.


It’s no secret that with the advent of the popularity of slot machines in many countries, strict prohibitions began to appear on their account - either they were banned altogether, or they limited the number of establishments in which they were allowed to install. A similar situation occurred in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century. The US government has banned the installation of these devices in any institution that is not officially a casino. Many bars, gas stations and other places of recreation for the population received a significant part of the proceeds precisely from vending machines, and new laws significantly worsened their profits.

However, the ingenuity of slot machine engineers found a way out: the law clearly stated that it was forbidden to install machines that give the player a sum of money as a gain, and the decision was very simple - to give out not some money, but some goods as a jackpot. That is how “fruit machines” appeared, which instead of money paid the player winnings with chewing gum with fruit flavors - hence the name “fruit-machines” came from.


Owners of machines still make a profit, customers quench their thirst for excitement, the law is not violated - everyone is happy. These machines have been popular for quite some time, right up to the amendment of the law on gambling in the USA.

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